Camera systems

We develop and supply camera systems and components for computer image analysis (computer vision):

  • Camera
  • Lighting elements
  • Evaluation units
  • Software resources
Optical inspection (visual inspection) is based on a computer image analysis and provides automated quality control. Main activity is getting information about examined object from an image (shape, size, color, position, quantity, surface quality, shape deviations). Optical inspection systems help to guarantee high quality in the manufacture process of products.

The main advantages of computer image analysis are speed, quality and reliability. Analysis of the images has currently a wide application (license plate recognition, motion detection, counting people / vehicles, Red light violation detection, etc.).

Measurement and control systems

We develop and supply:

  • Specialized measuring instruments and device
  • Control systems including visualization technology
  • Software for measuring and testing instruments and devices
Specialized measurement and control systems created according to customer requirements are intended for research or industrial purposes. We offer single-purpose or universal systems, including complex services (development, production, installation, service).

National Instruments System Integrator

We supply and provide:

  • National Instruments Products system integrations
  • Technical support for National Instruments products
  • Training by certified NI technicians
  • National Instruments HW and SW products

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